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Annual Picnic – 2016


Dear Parishioners & Friends,

Sisterhood of The Parish of Our Lady of Kazan and the Protection of the Mother of God is very pleased to report that the traditional Annual Picnic at Eccolands Park was a great success yesterday!

Not only we had a record number of attendees (42!), but also the following rich entertainment program:

1) Early-morning fishing from the dock and diving in nearby waters;
2) Yammy BBQ lunch (pork, chicken and some lamb chops) with a big variety of salads (starting with all-organic garden vegetables and ending with olivie), appetizers (salmon, bologna, pastrami sandwiches, pickled cucumbers, beets, hot peppers, carrots, eggplants, olives, relish), and the list goes on and on;
3) Amateur concert of Russian folk songs lead by some choir members and accompanied by lovely “bayan” (thanks to Iliya!) and, finally,
4) Icredible boat-tour along Rideau River (thanks to Yevgeniy Sorokatiy and Nikolai Vardomsky!).

A BIG THANK YOU TO THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE (you know who you are :-)) for tremendous efforts and resourcefulness!

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, who contributed and came out to share the great fun we had!

SPECIAL THANKS TO BATUSHKA, FR. DIMITRI SEVER, and to FR. NIKOLAI MELNIK for coming and blessing our picnic with their presence, as well as prayers!

Join us again next summer!


P.S. Stay tuned for our next activity: parish pilgrimage to the Russian Orthodox Monastery in New York area that’s being planned for next long weekend of September 4th-5th. Pleas, make sure you have a valid Canadian passport. Details will follow.