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In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Dear brothers and sisters! Elevation (Vozdvyzhenye) means to raise up. The first time the blessed clergy raised the cross, was after the blessing of the new temple in honour of Christ’s Resurrection, at that place where the tomb was, from which Christ resurrected. This was done so that most of the pilgrims, whom had gathered in Jerusalem for the solemn feast, the first after the persecutions of Christians,…

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About us

Казанская икона

Through prayer and hard work, The Parish of Our Lady of Kazan and the Protection of the Mother of God thrives and grows in our city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for the glory of God. Being a part of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarchate of Moscow, we preform regular services according to the old calendar in accordance with the Liturgicon, traditions and canons of the Russian Orthodox Church. If you wish to approach God with prayer, take part in the Sacrament…

Traditional Annual Picnic


Dear Friends,

We are happy to extend an invitation for you to join our traditional annual picnic which will take place on Monday August 1, in ECCOLANDS Provincial Park which is located at 335 RIVER ROAD (near Ottawa International Airport) — FREE PARKING!.

Driving directions from the church (~20 min):
get on Riverside South, turn right onto River Rd, another turn right at 335 River Rd. (Government of Canada sign) onto a small side road, again named River Rd.

The picnic begins at 9:30 AM. Please bring food and drinks to the picnic. There is no fast on the 1st of August. We will be glad to help organize transportation to anyone who does not have the opportunity to reach the park by themselves. Please contact sister Irina Shiryaeva concerning the arrangement of transportation.

of The Parish of Our Lady of Kazan
and the Protection of the Mother of God

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